Secret behind "Truth"!!

Here is a small definition on which i was thinking for quite a while and unable to comprehend completely...

"Truth" is something that exist in the past, the present and the future"

Do you guys agree with this definition? 

If so, then think about this argument..

Since truth doesn't have time bounds, everything that doesn't exist at any point of time should not be true! .......which means, these roads, buildings, people, surroundings, everything you see might not have existed some time ago or will not exist after some time and hence are not true!!

I guess this is called as Illusion or "Maya" as per Hindu Philosophy. We live in a world of illusion and we need to find the truth. Unless we find it and be with it, we have to be a part of this illusion and ride on the ocean of life.

May be "God" is the only truth that can be logically accepted!

Btw, these are just my random thoughts and would like to know your views on this.

This may be little philosophical but deep thinking might yield marvelous realizations!

Win Every Battle!

It doesn't matter what you are or where you come from.. the ability to 'succeed' begins from you always..when you get down to the root meaning of word "success" you find that it simply means "winning every battle"!

"Win Every Battle!"... This is the motto of our team at my office. My worklife is pretty challenging..fighting head-2-head with our competitors and contributing directly to the growth of our company. My manager has this as the starting phrase of his every presentation. When i saw it for the first time i felt the real punch lying in those words.

Out of several sources of happiness, i feel "Success" is one of the prominent ones that brings a feel of blissfulness and satisfaction to everyone. I guess this is an inherent nature of humans. All of us want to be successful in whatever endeavour we pursue. But very few people taste the sweetness of it, some feel they are a failure, and the rest (major part) don't even care to think about it and are just masked by their mundane activities.

To be successful, one has to put all the heart and soul in it. When you do this, you will gradually see things around you manifesting in a way to facilitate every action of yours.

Always REMEMBER the final Goal and work towards achieving it. Don't worry about the future when "you can change it"!.

All in all.. Just have this in Mind... "Win Every Battle" .. and You will....

PS: Btw, Happy Independence Day to all of you.. Be Proud to be an Indian. :)

There are No Accidents!

Yesterday I was watching the Kung-fu-panda movie (of course not for the first time ;)) and interestingly there are some striking quotes used by the "Turtle Master-Oogway" that kept wandering in my mind. I felt them very practical and would like to share those with you all.

"There are NO Accidents"

How true!!.. I think there is a reason for everything that happens in this world. We may not realize untill we see the outcome of it.

It's beyond my perception to understand the driving force behind those events. I have tried my best to comprehend the reasoning behind the events that occurred so far in my life, but was only left puzzled after i saw how events drove me to the place i am at right now.

The events might be painful at times and even though we may not have control over those, the best way to face them is to being optimistic saying that "There are No Accidents, and Everything happens for the sake of good".

I have also observed another interesting thing.. People who are good at heart and have their deeds in appropriate manner never end up having a bad result! "our current actions decide our future results"!

This may seem little philosophical but i think these thoughts will have a profound impact on the way we do our day-to-day activities once we start digesting them!

PS: Special note on the words given on the pic.. Words, like Nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within..Alfred Lord Tennyson

A New Beginning!

Welcome to my Blog space!

This is just an attempt to nail down some of my thoughts and share my experiences. I hope you all have a cheerful and pleasant time during your stay at my blog.

Cheers :)


PS: Don't forget to play with my fishes ;)