There are No Accidents!

Yesterday I was watching the Kung-fu-panda movie (of course not for the first time ;)) and interestingly there are some striking quotes used by the "Turtle Master-Oogway" that kept wandering in my mind. I felt them very practical and would like to share those with you all.

"There are NO Accidents"

How true!!.. I think there is a reason for everything that happens in this world. We may not realize untill we see the outcome of it.

It's beyond my perception to understand the driving force behind those events. I have tried my best to comprehend the reasoning behind the events that occurred so far in my life, but was only left puzzled after i saw how events drove me to the place i am at right now.

The events might be painful at times and even though we may not have control over those, the best way to face them is to being optimistic saying that "There are No Accidents, and Everything happens for the sake of good".

I have also observed another interesting thing.. People who are good at heart and have their deeds in appropriate manner never end up having a bad result! "our current actions decide our future results"!

This may seem little philosophical but i think these thoughts will have a profound impact on the way we do our day-to-day activities once we start digesting them!

PS: Special note on the words given on the pic.. Words, like Nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within..Alfred Lord Tennyson


Anonymous said...


Not philosophical,sounds practical.We can't expect our life to be bed of roses.I'm sure everyone will have their not-so-great days.The way you dealt with the such situations,how you learn from mistakes and what you choose to do with that knowledge - is what makes you win..

***"our current actions decide our future results"!

Very well said ..Its the replica of our deeds..If you think you din get what you want/deserve don get bogged down.Life isn't unfair to any one.. picture abhi baaki hai dosto..:)

I loved this post ..!simple yet deep in thought..

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dear..:)

Anonymous said...

Btw,forgot to mention..

Lovely pic..!

go green .....really had a pleasant stay ..::)

Pramoda Meduri said...

**Words, like Nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within.

Loved it..Soo true..:)

At times, it seems that we r in very low mood, and every thing is going bad, but u know, it takes some time to know how much faster u have been travelling towards a good day and a memorable moment..

Every moment we live is special..:)
enjoy it...


PS: HEy ravi, wanna have ur reviews on my posts..would like to see u soon..:)

Ravi said...

hai ravi,

nice post. "there are no accidents". these 4 words are as inspiring as any other i have read. gives a sense of calm and pleasant feeling that evrything that happens to me is becaus of 'me' alone.very POSITIVE post.

'word like nature half reveal and half conceal....' very poetic and soul touching

ravi u started with awonderful post and i expect more ....happy blogging

Ravi.. said...

@ Ravi (IAS):

Hey Ravi.. First of all, i have your name saved in my mobile as pls don mind ;)

Felt really nice to see your comment.

Thanks for your warm wishes.

I hope to see your presence in my blog as well..

Cheers :)


"Every moment we live is special..:)".. Nicely put pramoda..

"Word like nature half reveal and half conceal"..yeah these words of Alfred Lord Tennyson are really poetic and touching

Sure will get back to you again with my comments on your blog ;)

Ravi.. said...


"The way you dealt with such situations,how you learn from mistakes and what you choose to do with that knowledge - is what makes you win."

That's very truee!

Thanks for your wishes ra :)



Sapphire said...

So true..whatever happens, happens for a reason! And if you look at it from Freud's point of view, indeed there are no accidents - just Freudian slips :D

Ellen said...

Hi Ravi,

This is right on target -- indeed there are no accidents in life. Always some reason lies behind every incident or surprise or every chance meeting.

Have a blessed day. See you around. :-)

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