Win Every Battle!

It doesn't matter what you are or where you come from.. the ability to 'succeed' begins from you always..when you get down to the root meaning of word "success" you find that it simply means "winning every battle"!

"Win Every Battle!"... This is the motto of our team at my office. My worklife is pretty challenging..fighting head-2-head with our competitors and contributing directly to the growth of our company. My manager has this as the starting phrase of his every presentation. When i saw it for the first time i felt the real punch lying in those words.

Out of several sources of happiness, i feel "Success" is one of the prominent ones that brings a feel of blissfulness and satisfaction to everyone. I guess this is an inherent nature of humans. All of us want to be successful in whatever endeavour we pursue. But very few people taste the sweetness of it, some feel they are a failure, and the rest (major part) don't even care to think about it and are just masked by their mundane activities.

To be successful, one has to put all the heart and soul in it. When you do this, you will gradually see things around you manifesting in a way to facilitate every action of yours.

Always REMEMBER the final Goal and work towards achieving it. Don't worry about the future when "you can change it"!.

All in all.. Just have this in Mind... "Win Every Battle" .. and You will....

PS: Btw, Happy Independence Day to all of you.. Be Proud to be an Indian. :)


Anonymous said...

:) i got my morning dose of for thought..!

***REMEMBER the final Goal and work towards achieving it. Don't worry about the future when "you can change it"!.

These lines ought to be on my wall..The post has positive vibes in every word..your positive approach surprises me,i have seen you in the worst times one can never expect in life..and the way you dealt with them made me state this.."you are a proved winner" and wish & Pray that you continue the saga with more determination and get the Real success..!

Thanks for this post Dear ..:)

LOL..! Hes just like you ..:D

Happy Independence Day !

Sapphire said...

Happy Independence Day! A really inspiring post and a lovely message. When we are kids we are taught that God helps those who help themselves! Therefore, unless and until we put our heart and soul into a task, we can never ever achieve success!
And one should always remember that all's well that ends well...while we are working, obstacles are sure to come our way but then every thing does have a happy ending....when things are not right, one should remember that the end is still to come!

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Ravi,

Happy independence day..

"win every battle".. Yes, it is inspiring alott..And i think u have got a nice work place, wherein u would put ur efforts and at the same time u will gain such nice thoughts..

The kid is very lovely and his expression is ..woww...:)

"Because you too can own this face of pure accomplishment.." Very nice selection of the pic..:)

Keep expressing..:)

Ravi said...

hai ravi,

i am reminded of how one of my frns reacted to his final selection in civil services 2008.

he was saying just 5 min before he got to know abt the result.
"i havnt done well. i have to wait for one more year. i have to work hard"

anothr frn just came in and said he was selected.

there was a glow in his eyes. he got up took a couple of steps and threw fists into the air. the first word he said was the famous four letter word and then he repeated it several times

the result was his 6 years concerted effort.
5mins and everything abt him the way he looks just like the kid in your post.

i liked him and liked ur post. sorry for the long comment. take care

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Nice to see the words of a fighter.. "Win every battle" - It is a good war cry and very motivating.. Keep writing such inspirational stuff.


Anonymous said...

you've been tagged! :)

Ellen said...

Hello Ravi,

Such inspiring words in your post. It's a pleasure to come across a person with such positive attitude towards work and life. There'll be more successes up ahead armed with that. Wish you all the very best!

Ravi.. said...

hehe.. thanks for your warm prayers and compliments :)

Luv :)

Hey Sapphire,
Nice to see your happy-ending attitude towards life..
Thanks for stopping by and giving your comments
Take care,

@ Pramoda:

Hey Pramoda,
good to see your comment..
keep posting :)

@ Ravi:
Hey Ravi..

Thanks for sharing your real-life moments here. Yes, i exactly know what you are talking about and it feels "great" to be in the moments of success.

Good Luck!

Hey Vish,

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Hey Ellen,

Nice to see you again :)
Thanks for your wishes.
Keep posting..

Take care

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